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Drywalls should not be painted as regular walls. Get more smart tips and tricks on the topic by following this link.

With the drywall tips shared on this page, you will know what to do to keep the walls and ceilings of your house in top condition.

Run a test to see if paint removal is required before painting wood siding

Clean a small section of the surface perfectly wall first and let it dry completely. Then apply paint on the cleaned surface and wait 24 hours. The next step involves applying tape on the painted patch and removing it. If there is any paint left on the tape, it is best to strip the old layer of paint before repainting.

Consider flat finish painting for concealing fine cracks on walls

The flat paint does an excellent job in masking imperfections. At the same time, the matte finish creates a very cozy atmosphere without extra brightness. Another thing to keep in mind about this finish is that it is harder to clean than its glossier counterparts so it is more suitable for rooms which don’t get much traffic like bedrooms.

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